Bounty program

Monetize your social media with Unimantic Protocol.
Create a YouTube Video or Shorts and earn
$50 for every 1000 views.
Create a post about us on your social media
$10 if you have 100+ followers.
How bounty program works?
  • Create a video or create a post on your social media. If it is a video, make sure it gets at least 1000 views. If it is a post, you must have at least 50 friends.
  • For videos, wait until it gets more than 1000 views. It’s better to wait for even more views because you can only receive a reward for a video once.
  • Contact us on Telegram at @UnimanticSocials and send the link to your post/video that meets the criteria.
  • After verification, our operator will ask for your USDT TRC-20 wallet address and send the reward.
Bounty F.A.Q.
What is the Unimantic Protocol Social Media Bounty Program?

The Unimantic Protocol Social Media Bounty Program is an initiative designed to reward participants for promoting and discussing the Unimantic Protocol on their social media platforms. By creating content that spreads awareness and engagement, participants can earn rewards based on the impact of their contributions.

Who is eligible to participate in the Bounty Program?

Anyone with a valid, public social media account (including platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and an interest in the Unimantic Protocol can participate. We welcome enthusiasts from around the globe to share their insights and experiences.

How do I sign up for the Bounty Program?

To participate in the Bounty Program, registration on the website is not required.

What kind of content qualifies for rewards?

Qualifying content includes any posts, articles, videos, or graphics that feature informative, engaging, and accurate discussions about the Unimantic Protocol. Content should be original and clearly tagged with Unimantic Protocol hashtag.

How is my content evaluated for rewards?

Content is evaluated based on originality, accuracy, engagement level (likes, shares, comments), and adherence to the promotional guidelines of the program. High-quality content that effectively educates or engages the audience tends to receive higher rewards.

Is there a limit on how many posts I can submit?

There is no strict limit, but quality over quantity is key. Multiple posts are welcome as long as they meet the quality criteria and contribute new insights or valuable information about the Unimantic Protocol.

How and when will I receive my rewards?

Rewards are typically issued within 30 days after the content’s evaluation period ends. You will receive rewards in USDT.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions not covered here, please feel free to reach out to our support team via the contact details on our Bounty Program page. We’re here to help you make the most out of your participation!

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