Jun 4, 2024 10:00

We are pleased to announce that the UNUMANTIC protocol now supports Solana (SOL). This update opens up new horizons for users who want to take advantage of one of the fastest growing blockchain platforms. Solana has established itself as the leading platform for decentralized applications and finance (DeFi), providing unique technological advantages and simply huge volumes to work with, more than 400 thousand tokens were launched in May alone. The integration of Solana into the UNUMANTIC protocol will allow users to replenish their balance using SOL, and for the platform itself this is a new market in which we are launching our bot network. We continue to improve our platform, striving to offer the most innovative and profitable solutions. Join the UNUMANTIC PROTOCOL and discover new investment opportunities!

A revolution in the investment world: Unimantic Protocol rewrites the rules of referral marketing

May 1, 2024 10:00

Unimantic Protocol is a next-generation investment platform that creates unique opportunities for investors. A prime example is the success story of Jake Smith, a young photographer from Los Angeles. Thanks to his activity on Unimantic Protocol, Jake not only increased his income by earning his first $700, but also went on a cool vacation to the Burning Man Festival. This money was just enough for Jake to fulfill his dream of traveling to the festival, which had seemed out of reach due to financial constraints. Unimantic Protocol breaks the stereotypes of investing by making success accessible to everyone. Their referral network creates a unique ecosystem of interaction that fosters growth and support among members.

UNIMANTIC PROTOCOL is proud to announce the release of its new financial arbitrage bot

Apr 5, 2024 10:00

UNIMANTIC PROTOCOL is proud to announce the release of its latest project, a unique financial arbitrage bot equipped with a patented risk management engine. This bot will automatically adapt to your business structure, using advanced technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze prices in the financial markets. Our proprietary risk management engine, called RiskGuard™, provides maximum protection for your investment and minimizes potential losses. RiskGuard™ actively monitors and evaluates risks in the market and automatically adjusts trading strategies to ensure stable and secure bot operation. UNIMANTIC PROTOCOL is confident that its new arbitrage bot equipped with the unique RiskGuard™ risk management mechanism, will become an indispensable tool for traders and investors, opening new perspectives in the financial markets.

From a Cool Tariff to a Luxury Dodge RAM TRX: How John Won Success and the Attention of Girls

Mar 12, 2024 10:00

Working for an IT company, John dreamed of financial independence. Securing a VIP+ tariff was the key to his success. This tariff gave not only exclusive offers, but also a high percentage of return on investment. The opportunity to join this tariff was limited and available only to a select few. With the money he earned, he bought a powerful Dodge RAM TRX as a symbol of success and status. The new car attracted the attention of others, especially girls, who began to admire his achievements. John became a regular at UNIMANTIC PROTOCOL’s private events where he was invited because of his VIP+ status. This story is an inspiration to seize opportunities and invest in the future, showing how making the right choice can lead to success and recognition.

Unimantic: Impressive growth in the digital world

Mar 2, 2024 10:00

Since the beginning of April this year, the cryptocurrency world has experienced a veritable explosion of activity, with an incredible number of new tokens launched on the Ethereum network. According to the latest data, this number has reached a staggering 372,642 tokens, which is an impressive achievement for the industry. Unimantic, a leading cryptocurrency investment and technology company, continues to surprise the market with its results. Over the past month, the number of users on the platform has increased by 25%, reaching a record high of 5,241 active users. This impressive increase confirms not only the growing popularity of Unimantic, but also the trust that users have in the platform. Unimantic's monthly turnover reached the level of $72 million, and profits for this period grew by 6%, reaching over $7 million. These impressive figures underline the success of the company’s strategy and its ability to provide innovative investment solutions to its clients.

Dividends of Love: Emily and Her Parents' Trip to Hawaii

Feb 24, 2024 10:00

Emily had long searched for a way to thank her parents for all their years of hard work and sacrifice. And then a promising opportunity presented itself: UNIMANTIC PROTOCOL, in which she had invested a significant portion of her savings, was making exactly the profit it had promised. Without wasting a minute, Emily decided to fulfill a long-held dream of giving her parents their dream trip to Hawaii. She booked tickets and an oceanfront villa by anticipating how her parents would enjoy the vacation and the beauty of the tropical paradise, forgetting all their daily worries. Her parents were overwhelmed by Emily's generosity and concern. There was no better way for Emily to spend her first big paycheck, and seeing the happiness in her parents' eyes was a true blessing and confirmation that she had done the right thing.

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